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Football Morsels:

The Supporting Cast

This is the second volume in a series of sports
analysis books from author Julio C Castañeda Jr.​​
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   This book, the second in the Football Morsels series and released in May 2016, picks up where the first one left off and expands on the subject of the value of NFL quarterbacks in the modern era. This time around, we will focus on how “The Supporting Cast” of the QB affects their performance and winning in general. We will review and quantify the quality of the rest of the offense, defense and special teams as well as the impact of different offensive schemes run in the NFL today. In order to identity their influence on the offensive side of the ball, we will rank and rate the best skill players at the running back and wide receiver position then circle back to how they helped or hurt the QB performance. Finally, we will again present our favorite Bonus Morsels. This time around, we will take on frivolous subjects like the missed field goal for touchdown, the fair-catch kick rule, a shaggy-haired wild bison and review some outstanding teams that missed the playoffs. A thorough analysis of winning records, offensive and defensive ranks and point differentials will yield a fact-based discussion on The Best Team Ever. We will also tackle a more serious subject – the balancing act the Commissioner faces between player safety, rule changes and handing out of stiff fines.


5/5 STARS By Glenn H. on August 27, 2016
   I read this book in 2 mornings over coffee. Truly couldn’t put it down until I had too, when I was done. As a lifelong football fanatic, and brother statistician, I loved the way this book took out the obscurity of decades of change in the game, and leveled it to compare the greats. With both humor and passion, one my new favorite books. A must read for anyone who thinks they have a point of view on the Best Ever, this sets the record strait. Once and for all. The NFL should take these metrics to heart, and change the way they measure success or failure. It’s the right thing to do. I am sure some HOFer’s in purgatory would strongly agree. Well done Mr Julio. Keep em coming.

5/5 STARS By Jarrod M. Liston on June 27, 2016
   Another great read! Perfect blend of metrics and history (no, it is not a text book). I thought I had a decent foundation of NFL history and of NFL greats, but this book gave me so many names to look up and a greater appreciation for many overlooked careers.
This really is a must have series for any level of NFL fan! Can't wait for the third.

5/5 STARS By Amazon Customer on July 19, 2016
   A very good, easy read! Fun and informative. Really makes the math make sense. Weaves statistics with an anecdotal writing style making it not only accurate but entertaining.


5/5 STARS ByVWP on August 26, 2016
   What an interesting approach to comparing quarterbacks! A lot of thought and interesting metrics were used to profile the best ever football quarterbacks in this book. If you appreciate anything about football and/or anything about statistics, you will really enjoy this book. The author does a great job presenting the information in a way that makes for a very enjoyable read.

5/5 STARS By Christian on August 6, 2015
   Highly recommendable book, for sport fanatics as well as the casual sports viewer. I basically read it in one go, meaning it's a great book. For being a statistic-centered book, Julio made it very easy readable and not dry at all. And if I ever get caught in a conversation about the best QB's ever (unlikely, but still...), all I have to do is point to his book.  The statistical values created in this book should be picked up by the NFL and used officially, they're genius and so much better than what is used now.

5/5 STARS By Juan de la Luz on June 10, 2015
   Great book that does a great job of adding science and math to the perennial question "who is the best quarterback of all time" without sucking any of the fun out of the debate. Its conversational style is easy to read and the writer manages to slip in the science in a harmonious way.

5/5 STARS By Option Guy on June 9, 2015
   A book for everyone. If you are a football fan , a tremendous amount of information well organized and unbiased. If a math lover , an interesting way to use regression to level the field to cover different times in the NFL. Even if not a Football fan or a math lover it is still an interesting read and Mr. Castaneda explains his math in a way that is easy for math haters to follow. A big thumbs up[ and can not believe it was the authors first book. ( except did have a few editing issues that did not affect his thesis) Can not wait for his next book

5/5 STARS  By Noah S.on June 9, 2015
   A book for everyone. If you are a football fan , a tremendous amount of information well organized and unbiased. If a math lover , an interesting way to use regression to level the field to cover different times in the NFL. Even if not a Football fan or a math lover it is still an interesting read and Mr. Castaneda explains his math in a way that is easy for math haters to follow. A big thumbs up[ and can not believe it was the authors first book (except did have a few editing issues that did not affect his thesis). Can not wait for his next book

5/5 STARS  By Maxi P. Richmondon May 2, 2015
   You know an author is talented when a newbie to football statistics (me) considers "Foot Morsels" a page turner. While I like to watch football (Patriots fan), especially the quarter backs, I have never really been interested in statistical analyses of the players. I am interested now. The details of the analyses and the new perspective offered by Castaneda are informative, fun, and easy to follow. I look forward to reading more and building my background knowledge. So much good material for conversation starters in any social situation.

5/5 STARS  By Jarrod M. Liston March 5, 2015
   I just ordered this book, but after hearing the author on a local Sports Radio program, I knew it was a must. I always thought the QBR system was flawed and cannot wait to see how it is improved to give the never ending debate of "GOAT QB" a new step.  Plus, I am anxious to read the whole chapter on Joe Namath, that was teased.  Finished (the book), and I wish I could add a 6th star. This is a football book that takes a new, improved look at statistics, not a statistic book that discusses football. I literally could not put this book down. I really hope the new mQBR system makes it to every sports site for next season. I want to write more, but spoilers prevent me from gushing on. Cannot wait for the next book in the series!!!

4/5 STARS  By Richard Givan March 11, 2015
   I don't often read sports books, but this one came along and I took a look. It's a deep, perhaps exhaustive, analysis of the QB position in the NFL. The author is an engineer and sports fan who uses pretty much every metric you can imagine to rank the greats. He does a good job of it, too. It's honestly more of an incursion into sports stats than I would usually enjoy, but he does it well.

5/5 STARS By Don February 11, 2015
   Julio has taken an analytical look at who is the best quarterback in the modern era and made it interesting,easy to read and with some surprising results. I highly recommend this to all you football fanatics. I look forward to the next Football Morsels installment.

5/5 STARS  By KarenPVermont on February 4, 2015

   Even if you don't love football but have watched a lot of it (as I have), this book is interesting and fun to read. Julio has an easy to read writing style plus he has a great sense of humor so it keeps you smiling throughout. And I never realized that football was such a number driven sport. Before I got to the end, I was really interested to know who would be at the top of the list for best quarterback but- no spoiler here! It is a great read and I highly recommend it.

5/5 STARS  By steve garcia on February 4, 2015
   Julio Castaneda has written an interesting, unique,and time-old answer to "who's the best QB"? His analytical background and training has allowed him to bring a new methodology to the rating equation. If you enjoy football,this is a must read to find out where your favorite QB ends up on Julio's rating list!

4/5 STARS  By Vincent J. Turcotte on February 4, 2015
   I'm saving the fifth star for a second edition with comprehensive graphics and a photo library that does justice to the marvelous writing and analytical content that Castaneda has assembled for this book.
   Written with both the enduring passion of a lifelong fan and the critical eye of a trained engineer, "Football Morsels" will have something for every knowledgeable fan of the game. QB's are ranked in several facets of the game, with sensible adjustments made to accommodate the evolution of rules, the merger of the AFL, the length of the season, etc. There is much analytical rigor, but nothing that would put off even a casual fan or someone with only a basic knowledge of sports statistics. In fact, someone new to the game could learn a tremendous amount about it in just one afternoon with this very readable book.
   The litmus test for me was seeing how the different skill sets differentiated the great names in the game. Castenda's approach put such all-time greats as Lenny Dawson, Roger Staubach, and Bart Starr onto a level playing field with current stars like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.
   Any great sports book will offer fans two things: The chance to relive great memories of the games and the names, and the opportunity to get into a friendly, well-informed debate on the merits of it's arguments in answering the unanswerable questions surrounding "who was the best of all time?". "Football Morsels" runs up the score on both counts.

Now available at Amazon:

Football Morsels:

This is the second edition of the first volume in a series of sports analysis books from author Julio C Castañeda Jr.​​

eBook and paperback available from Amazon:​


  In the Second Edition released in June 2016, the author of this book tackles the subject of comparing quarterbacks from different eras by developing an unbiased methodology to identify the best.  Since changes in the game have affected the statistical significance of performance metrics, the author redefines the QB passer rating into four new comprehensive metrics.  First, the effect of stat inflation is corrected.  Second, the missing dimensions of the quarterbacking position, such as running and sack avoidance, are incorporated. Third, the quarterbacks’ winning record is taken into account. Last, the fourth metric combines the first three, to assess the total value of the QB performance. With these factors on hand, the author makes an impartial case for the ranking and rating of the top quarterbacks in the modern era of football.