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2016 Fantasy Football Projections - Running Backs

Standard Fantasy Leagues point systems score the running backs value based on total points (rush, receiving and special team TD's) plus total yardage (rushing, receiving and special team yards) minus turnovers (fumbles lost).  This is a synopsis of the 32 starters.  For a full list and value projections see the 2016 FF Summary.


  • Le'Veon Bell, PIT (15.7):  For the second year in a row Le'Veon starts the season suspended, this time for 3 games.  If he can avoid the injury bug, he should have another stellar year when he returns.
  • Devonta Freeman, ATL (15.6):  Devonta will extend his success from last year in an offense that will depend on the run.
  • Jamaal Charles, KAN (15.0):  The best runner in the NFL can't seem to stay on the field.  When healthy he's the best but a risky pick.
  • Matt Forte, NYJ (14.7):  Long in the tooth, Matt has one last elite year left in those wheels.
  • Arian Foster, MIA (14.0):  Arian is a beast but seem to break down often.  Another high value but risky pick.
  • DeMarco Murray, TEN (13.7):  In Tennessee DeMarco will regain  the form that allowed him to lead the league in Dallas two years ago.
  • Adrian Peterson, MIN (13.4):  AD just keeps bringing it.  At 31, and given the miles on those tires, his window starts to close this season.


  • Todd Gurley, RAM (12.8):  Up and comer -- will get lots of touches in an offense looking for a QB.
  • LeSean McCoy, BUF (12.5):  Expect a solid year from LeSean in a run-first offensive philosophy team.
  • Lamar Miller, HOU (12.5):  A cap casualty in Miami, Lamar landed in a better running team.  He'll do well this year.
  • Mark Ingram, NOR (11.6):  The former Crimson Tide brings it in NO.  Great consistent value.
  • Latavius Murray, RAI (11.0):  Another bright spot in Oakland -- pick him.
  • Carlos Hyde, SFO (10.7):  Carlos provided good value last year but Chip Kelly has a knack for underusing his RBs.
  • David Johnson, ARI (10.6):  Ariens makes everyone better in that offense.  Good value here.
  • Frank Gore, IND (10.2):  Diminishing skill due to age with Frank, but Indy should bounce back on offense with a health Luck, which bodes well for Gore.
  • CJ Anderson, DEN (10.2):  CJ underachieved last year -- he'll get more opportunities in an offense without a QB.
  • Chris Ivory, JAX (10.2):  Bortles' passing opens up the running game -- Chris will do well again.
  • Doug Martin, TAM (10.2):  Martin will benefit from improved play from Jamais - solid value.
  • Thomas Rawls, SEA (10.0):  Rawls will get more carries with Marshawn retired in a every effective and underrated offense.


  • Ezekiel Elliot, DAL (9.9):  Romo is done for a while so Ezekiel will shoulder the load -- if only he can stop smoking weed.
  • Jonathan Stewart, CAR (9.7):  Stewart is a decent runner, but Cam is the man that makes that offense go even on runs.
  • Rashad Jennings, NYG (9.6):  The Giants have been making slow progress offensively which should give Jennings more opportunities.
  • Justin Forsett, BAL (9.5):  Another so-so performer in a so-so offense last year.
  • Ryan Mathews, PHI (9.0):  Can't get any worse for the running game in Philly with Kelly gone.
  • Eddie Lacy, GNB (8.9):  An in-shape Lacy means good news for GB - he underachieved last year and can hopefully bounce back.
  • Jeremy Hill, CIN (8.9):  Surprising that an effective offensive team can't run the ball better.
  • Jeremy Langford, CHI (8.9):  More average performance to balance out erratic Butler on the passing game.
  • Matt Jones, WAS (8.4):  Up and coming team with a young talented RB -- pick Matt next year not this one.
  • LeGarrette Blount, NWE (8.2):  Belichick's run-by-committee rarely produces value in the running game.  However, Blount may get more carries with Brady on the shelf for 4 weeks.


  • Ameer Abdullah, DET (7.4):  Somebody has to run the ball in Detroit and Ameer drew the short straw.
  • Melvin Gordon, SDG (7.1):  It's surprising that SD can't run the ball -- pass on Melvin.
  • Isaiah Crowell, CLE (6.9):  Hue Jackson has his work cut out in yet another rebuilding year in Cleveland.  Skip anything Browns this year.


  • None of the starting RBs rated in the AVOID category.