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​​WINZ 940 AM - PODCAST - 08/30/2016 DEFO HR 4   (fast forward to 15:25)

Julio C Castaneda Jr talks Sports Morsels with South Florida sports radio personality   - Jeff "Defo" Deforrest  


This section contains everything to you need to know to kick your co-workers butts in the office Fantasy Football league.  Includes roster and draft strategy as well as player ranks including overrated and sleepers.

​​​​​​​"Sports Morsels is exactly what you think, wonderful bits of information, historically and statistically sound -  You'll want to share it with all of your friends." ​​  Hall of Fame Sportscaster - Lesley Visser


Julio C Castaneda Jr interview by renowned Director and Founder of Generation ñ - Bill Teck  


This section contains a series of unrelated essays on different sports related subjects.  There is no rhyme or reason as to the selection of these topics other than we found them interesting.

"Sports is always put into a nice clean box, sports morsels goes right outside the box from the beginning until the end.  It takes a look at football in a way never done before. Analyzes the game in a manner that can be understood by the biggest stat geek, to the hardcore jock.  Sports morsels is a must read for all, and will revolutionize the way you see the game of football."​​  Executive Producer "Defo Show" 940 WINZ Miami - Mike Lubitz

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